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Oct 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
of the oakland police department. police chief howard jordan said he never received e-mails sent in the past week from a federal monitor. those messages involved concerns about chief jordan's recommendation to discipline several members of the police department for infractions. >>> it's getting oscar buzz for the best documentary. starting today they will scream the entire documentary. it's called the waiting room. a film that explores how the public hospitals struggle to care for thousands of largely uninshired patients. the movie is already won awards at film festivals across the country. you can view that documentary in oakland. >>> time now 6:26. let's get everybody out the door, sal. what is happening on the roads? >> right now it's getting busier dave and pam around the bay area. we are going to look at the south bay. this report looking at northbound 280 getting up to the valley here. it's not that bad. and the same thing goes for interstate 678 -- 680. this is a big commute. so far so good as you drive past free hospital into san jose. >>> low clouds are back. very, very mild. a lot of lo
Oct 9, 2012 6:00am PDT
is -- purge jordan perjuried himself and they say he is seeking his removal. they say it is all a politically charged witch hunt and meanwhile they will take nine of the -- it would take nine of the 11 board of supervisors to remove sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> president barack obama is waking up and we will show you a picture south of market where the president spent the night. traffic around the hotel is restricted right now. the president is expected to fly out of fso at 9:25 this morning and in a speech last night, he said mitt romney's economic plan would be bad for the country. >> i have seen too much pain and struggle to let this country get hit with another top down economics. -- is another round of top down economics. >> a tech round table war 25 supports -- where 25 supporters paid $40,000 each, the president was heard and they were there to support president barack obama. >> i want to give all the support i can and i get to see the president. >> protesters also showed up to greet the president. there were protesters against the
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
conduct of last year's clash of protesters. jordan is recommending discipline their action against 44 police officers. economist stay the numbers this morning from the labor department indicate modest hiring. in the last hour in a half, the government announced first time jobless claims fell by 23,000 last week. that puts the number at 369,000. >>> san francisco police are warning giants fans against buying tickers from scalpers. it's illegal but plenty of fans appear willing to take the chance. season buyers say if you do take the risk, make sure the scalper escort you. they say you can get the best price by waiting until game time or even right after the game starts because prices do drop. you can track all the world series coverage from work at home, or our website you can find the world series tab on your front page. >>> that leads us right to sal. he's focused on our commute because it's getting busy in the east bay. >> yes it is. right now dave and pam, westbound 80, westbound 24, the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is becoming a lot more crowded now as you try get
Oct 26, 2012 6:00am PDT
a statementing saying in part she wants to thank chief howard jordan and all the police officers and city staff for their hard work. she is pleased the vast majority of the protestors remained peaceful as well. it shows how much we have come last year. there is still remanence of what happened last night. in terms of the numbers we talked to occupy oakland protestors that say the numbers are relatively low because the economy is getting better and occupy oakland is actually working. live here oakland i'm brian flores. >> scott olson took part in last nights march. he is the person that suffered a severe brain injury during a protest last year and says he was hit by a bean bag fired by police. olson was if a wheelchair and wore a safety helmet. he says he still has trouble with his speech but wanted to join in the protest he says to hold police accountable for their actions. >>> time is now 6:06. the giants won again last night. they will be leaving for detroit in a few hours for more of the world series. ktvu claudine wong is joining us live she is at at & t park again where the team will be c
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4